who the fuck is dumbluck garage

Dumbluck Garage is a small, talented group of individuals who couldn't make it in the porn industry. They were forced out and into home garages and sheds to make beautiful works of art for the whole world to see. Aside from their charming good looks, they all have one thing in common: 


We love them.  We think about them ALL THE TIME. Old school, new school, we love em all! (except for that 90s billet shit)

 With that being said, we can build just about anything you want out these garages and sheds.  We are here to help you with whatever we can:

  • metal work
  • fabrication
  • chopper builds
  • sweet mini bikes
  • air bagged c 10s
  • home appliance repair 
  • experimental aircraft
  • hondas
  • choppers
  • cafe racers
  • dirt track hooligan builds
  • bird feeders
  • Twinkie dispensers 
and of course, sex toys.

If it sounds like we can help you with something, drop us an email or follow us on facebook and instagram.

I'm not kidding about Twinkie dispensers- if you've got a little bit of money, and you're willing to go half on it let me know.